Federal Trademark Laws

The Process and the Timetable for Federal Registration is:

Two months after filing - Confirmation

The USPTO will notify us to confirm that federal courtyour application is being processed and has been assigned a serial number.

Six months after filing - Notification of Possible Pre-existing Trademark

The USPTO will notify us and indicate whether the examining attorney has determined that the proposed mark infringes upon an existing mark.

Response to Office Actions of the USPTO

We will consult with the USPTO examining attorney regarding possible changes or modifications that may be necessary for the continuation of the processing of the application

Eight Months after filing- Publication

The USPTO will publish the proposed mark in the official Gazette to inform the public of the pending trademark registration. Other individuals who may oppose the registration of the trademark may then file objections to the proposed mark.

Ten Months - Notice of Allowance

The USPTO will issue a notice of allowance. At this point we can file a Statement of Use and/or begin using the mark in interstate commerce.

courtTwelve Months - Approval

The USPTO will approve your trademark. You may then begin using the trademark with the ® symbol.

Trademark Appeals During The Process

If your trademark application encounters difficulties in the trademark registration process and is halted by the examining attorney of the USPTO, it may be helpful for our experienced trademark attorneys to appeal the decision of the examining attorney. We can easily file an appeal and pursue it vigorously since our office is in close proximity to the USPTO and the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB).