Internet Law

E-commerce Business Contracts

Contracts are the mainstay of a business. ecommerceThey provide agreements between parties such as a business owner and e-commerce developers, subcontractors, web site designers, web site programmers, vendors, suppliers and specific key employees.

Most litigation begins over a disagreement of a perceived promise. If the promise is not in writing, a business stands to lose, not only the monetary value of the dispute but possibly intellectual property assets of the e-commerce business.

contractsE-commerce contracts require attorneys who understand not only contract law, but the laws affecting the Internet and emerging technologies.

Domain Name Lawyers understands e-commerce laws, technology and contract law. We assist clients with contracts involving service providers such as hosting companies, programmers, web designers, suppliers, security providers, buying and selling domain name registrations, email list acquisitions, sales and purchases of intellectual property, licensing agreements and many other related e-commerce issues.