Hiring an Attorney Via the Internet

internetYou may be concerned about hiring an attorney via the Internet.
This is a common concern. However, we note that the firm is subject to the same oversight and regulation as any law firm that you might visit personally and hire in Washington, DC.

The advantage of the Internet and our state-of-the-art communication technology is that you can hire us and communicate with us without traveling to Washington, DC to meet with us in person.

Since you will be hiring a law firm in Washington, DC with an office near the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office, you will be obtaining the many advantages of our location and our ability to aggressively and effectively represent your interests before the USPTO, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and the federal courts. Major corporations have been hiring law firms in Washington, DC for many years. Now the Internet has made it possible for smaller businesses to also have this advantage.

We are very concerned about our reputation for quality and effectiveness. We strive to provide extraordinary service to our clients. Testimonials from our clients also confirm that we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients. Here are some unsolicited comments from some of our clients about their decision to hire our Washington, DC law firm via the Internet. Additional comments are included on our Testimonials page.

From a client in Florida:

"Hiring a lawyer via the internet was a shot in the dark, especially when we never met or visited their office. We hit a bulls eye in service and professionalism. You handled our case as if we were a fortune 500 company. Your knowledge and responsiveness help us win the case. Thanks Steve for all the help and hope to meet you in the future."

Brad Nolan

"Stephen –
"That's fantastic news. Thank you handshakefor bringing your specialized expertise to our defense - I think that really made the difference."
"I gotta tell you I had my doubts retaining an attorney off the internet to do battle with a 100 M corporation and their law firm. Their complaint was 1" thick and because it had been miss-delivered, we literally had only hours to respond. But using your specialized knowledge of ICAN, you created a response for us which successfully defended our URL. The frosting on the cake was that we spent a fraction of the amount the corporation spent to try and take our URL away from us. Sometimes life is sweet."
"I understand the apprehension that people have retaining an attorney over the internet - I had the same apprehension. But based on our experience, I highly recommend your services to anyone involved in a domain name / ICAN dispute. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you."
Keith and Susan

Hello Steve,
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your hard work. You really impressed me with how much you know about Internet Law and Domain Name Disputes. I'm happy that I have found you because I have gone to a few regular Business Law and Patent Law Lawyers locally and they told me my chances of winning were very slim. So it goes to show you that people with Domain Name Disputes just can't go to a regular Business or Patent Lawyer. I have to admit though I was a little hesitant in finding a lawyer over the Internet but I'm glad I did because it is so hard to find a Domain Name Dispute Lawyer especially a good one. You are very helpful, knowledgeable and sincere. You will have me as a Iifetime client and I will recommend your expertise to everybody I know who could use your services."
Thank you,