Testimonials From Clients

What Our Clients Say (confirmations, copies and additional information provided on request):

fight for youWow! I am blown away by your response. You sure excel at what you do, and I'm so incredibly grateful for the obvious time and effort you put into the response. … you were able to make things look very solid. I really like the way you phrase your questions and statements; to me, you come off as very respectful and intelligent, but man, you're ******* tough, tough, tough! …. Regardless of the outcome, you have been outstanding, and I'm beyond happy with your services.
Thank you.

Hello Steve,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your hard work. You really impressed me with how much you know about Internet Law and Domain Name Disputes. I'm happy that I have found you because I have gone to a few regular Business Law and Patent Law Lawyers locally and they told me my chances of winning were very slim. So it goes to show you that people with Domain Name Disputes just can't go to a regular Business or Patent Lawyer. I have to admit though I was a little hesitant in finding a lawyer over the Internet but I'm glad I did because it is so hard to find a Domain Name Dispute Lawyer especially a good one. You are very helpful, knowledgeable and sincere. You will have me as a Iifetime client and I will recommend your expertise to everybody I know who could use your services.
Thank you,

Thank you so much for your excellent work and success on our case. Your thorough and organized approach left no room for doubt or misunderstanding of the facts. It was a pleasure working with you.
You're AWESOME! … Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Best Regards,

Dear Mr. Sturgeon:
I would like to take the opportunity conferenceto thank you for the great job that you did in handling my case. You were easy to work with and very easy to reach too, either by phone, Fax, and by e-mail. You worked around the clock so you will meet the deadline time set by the WIPO. You were efficient and meticulous. And the best of all that you really mastered the domain name disputes and you were even informing the WIPO and the Complainant's Attorney about the mistakes that they have done, and literally teaching them the right rules and regulation per ICANN.
Thanks for helping me defend my right and I am sure that I will win the case.

From a Russian lawyer for a client corporation based in Moscow:
Stephen Hello,
My congratulations to you Stephen !!! Sounds terrific!!
no FANTASTIC! THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR GOOD NEWS !! Very glad to hear that !
How nice to get this award !!
It is all happened thank to you !! You are great lawyer ! Cool ! )) We will celebrate it !
I will inform about the Decision our top management right now !
I will call you on Monday to discuss all details of the Decision if you do not mind and further actions.
As far as I got it NAF has to send the Decision to RBC to Moscow ? or otherwise !
Best regards

Obviously choosing an attorney/lawyer is a difficult choice, but when choosing it's important to find the right set of skills & experience.
Stephen's response to my questions suggested he had the right skills & experience, and the decision to use his company was rewarded with a successful outcome.
It was immensely useful to have an advisor who is experienced when dealing with an unknown field.
I have personal experience of an apparently simple legal process being unsuccessful. With the right advice & experience, that process may have been more successful. That helped me put my decision into perspective.
It was a sound decision to have chosen Stephen's company, as the case was more complex than originally expected, and Stephen produced a far more compelling case than I would have managed without his help.
Best regards
Lee Hiscott (a client in Great Britain)

Looks great! Your arguments are presented so clearly and professionally.
Again, I'm really impressed. It's refreshing to see such well thought out reasoned argument.
Best of luck,
Matt (a return client)

Thanks, you are doing a fantastic job, we have passed your details onto many customers who are having issues, and will make a link on our site, outstanding.
Bill (A Client in Europe)

Hi Stephen
This is great news, well done and thank you for your assistance, it’s a great weight off my mind
Thank you again
Best Regards
David (A Client in Europe)

europeFrom a client in Great Britain who gave a recommendation to another resident of Great Britain
Yes we can recommend Stephen Sturgeon.
I instructed Mr Sturgeon by email and I was most impressed with his wide knowledge of the dispute procedures and previous case histories.
Mr Sturgeon, using his own skills and experience was able to enhance my own input considerably.
Needless to say, we won against all expectations. We could not have possibly done it without Mr. Sturgeon and his skills and expertise and we are both most grateful to him.

Excellent News, thanks for helping us with this.
Thanks once again for helping with this, I'm sure I wouldn't have succeeded without your help.
Best regards
Lee (A Client in Europe)

Dear Steve,

Great Job. Thanks for all your good work. You now have a client forever.
Many thanks,
Arvin (A Client in New York City)

Great service..a real value!

I compliment you on your work and convincing argument.
Jon (A Client in Ohio)

Steve, our domain name is safely back with us. I have made all the necessary setting changes and it should be a matter of a few hours before our website is up and running again. I want to thank you for all your help with this matter, all went very smoothly and I was very pleased with your service and handling of this case. I will keep your name on file if for any reason we need your services again and will also recommend you to others who might need your services.
Again thank you very much!!

Best Regards,

I would like to thank you for your extremely helpful and professional assistance is this case.

Thanking you again,

Yours Sincerely,

Colm Paul (A Client in Great Britain)

Congrats, not only a win for me but a great decision for everyone holding domains and using them to generate revenue. I am sure this like the rentright case will be cited often. Thanks for the hard work. Michael (A Client in Florida)

Good morning Steve, Nice package ... I did a quick read last night, I'm delighted! Great job Have a good day, Warmest regards, Andy (A Client in California)

Steve: Looks like a job well done to me! I wish I could see the look on the face of Ms. _______, Associate Counsel ______Corporation, when this lands on her desk. Thanks, Neal

Hiring a lawyer via the internet was worlda shot in the dark, especially when we never met or visited their office. We hit a bulls eye in service and professionalism. You handled our case as if we were a fortune 500 company. Your knowledge and responsiveness help us win the case. Thanks Steve for all the help and hope to meet you in the future.


Stephen –
That's fantastic news. Thank you for bringing your specialized expertise to our defense - I think that really made the difference.
I gotta tell you I had my doubts retaining an attorney off the internet to do battle with a 100 M corporation and their law firm. Their complaint was 1" thick and because it had been miss-delivered, we literally had only hours to respond. But using your specialized knowledge of ICAN, you created a response for us which successfully defended our URL. The frosting on the cake was that we spent a fraction of the amount the corporation spent to try and take our URL away from us. Sometimes life is sweet.
I understand the apprehension that people have retaining an attorney over the internet - I had the same apprehension. But based on our experience, I highly recommend your services to anyone involved in a domain name / ICAN dispute. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you.
Keith and Susan