About the Firm

– the Principal Lawyer of the Firm

The principal lawyer of the firm is a noted authority on Internet domain name legal issues, he has successfully managed and litigated several hundred domain name and trademark lawsuits worldwide. He has been quoted as an expert by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, CNET and several international news publications.

His speaking engagements have included presentations to the prestigious American Intellectual Property Law Association as well as to numerous international Internet conferences. He has also been appointed as a member of a United Nations Internet Task Force and has provided testimony to a U.S. Congressional Committee on Internet law issues.

His accomplishments include the Internet law program at Harvard Law School, BA in Economics, Juris Doctor Degree and MBA in finance from Vanderbilt University, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Denver.

His litigation victories include several high-profile cases against Microsoft, ATT, Motorola and Johnsons & Johnsons. He is a member of the bar of five states, two U.S. District Courts, two U.S. Appellate Courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. He can quickly become admitted to the courts of other state and federal courts as may be needed for other cases. The firm frequently affiliates with its numerous other attorneys in various geographical areas and jurisdictions to provide you with comprehensive legal assistance.

Specializing in Internet domain name legal issues, he has more than one hundred victories for his clients in the international arbitration panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Switzerland, in international courts and in the United States Federal and State Court Systems.

He founded Domain Name Lawyers to provide comprehensive domain name representation, including cybersquatting disputes, purchasing and selling domain names and litigating domain name disputes. His 20 years of experience includes work with a major Washington, DC law firm and with corporate legal departments. Utilizing this experience he has designed Domain Name Lawyers with many of the advantages of a large law firm while maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of a smaller firm.

Domain Name Lawyers believes that as the practice of law evolves (with the increasing importance of computerization, on-line legal research facilities, telecommunications and Internet technology), smaller law firms can provide better assistance to clients -- often more economically and effectively than large law firms. The principal attorney provides the solid core of the law firm’s trademark, Internet issues and domain name dispute operations in Washington, DC, supplemented as needed through associations with other qualified attorneys worldwide.

Domain Name Lawyers provides services to clients throughout the United States from its office based in Washington, DC. Because federal laws apply to most domain name and trademark issues, Domain Name Lawyers' Washington, DC location is ideal for this type practice. If your domain name case may involve state laws or if there is a need for representation in a court in your state, we will affiliate with one of our numerous affiliate attorneys located in the specific jurisdiction.

Personalized Servicee

Each and every client is important to us. We recognize that each client's need is different and therefore requires our personal attention to the specific details of the client's issues. We happily provide that extra service to each of our clients, regardless of the size of the client. If you enjoy personal service and attention, we are the law firm for you!

Substantial Experience

attorneysSince the firm has considerable experience and knowledge about the resolution of domain name disputes, the firm can review your domain name dispute, recommend the most advantageous course of action and pursue the most appropriate course of action on your behalf – with strength and expertise.

The law firm keeps track of the the most recent judicial decisions, UDRP decisions, administrative decisions and legal developments. This can provide you with the comfort of knowing that all considerations are being evaluated in order to optimize the outcome for you and your company.

The principal attorney of the firm has been providing legal assistance for more than 20 years. Initially his specialty was business law. Then as high-tech and computer law evolved, the specialization has increasingly focused on Internet law and domain name disputes.

The combination of negotiation experience, business law expertise and specialized technical knowledge has proven to be invaluable in the resolution of domain name disputes. Since he has considerable experience with many types of business issues, he can assist with your legal issues without a lot of time-consuming research. This can mean more economical legal services for you.

While another attorney may spend a considerable number of billable hours researching and analyzing legal issues, our attorneys can quickly provide assistance – without the expense of numerous hours of legal research being billed to you.

In fact, we are so confident of our ability and expertise, we can often provide services for a flat, all-inclusive fee rather than billing on an hourly basis. In this way, you will be certain of the exact cost of the legal services, and you will not be surprised by a huge invoice from an inexperienced lawyer for many more hours than you expected.

Legal Assistance with Other Internet Legal Issues Facing Your Company

Other types of internet legal ecommerceservices can also be provided to your company as needed. Since the firm’s principal lawyer has expertise in other internet legal issues – including copyright, trademark, contracts and web site development issues, it can be advantageous for you to develop an association with the firm so that assistance can be provided with other legal issues that may confront your company in the future.

Affiliations with Numerous Attorneys Around the World

Since our law firm has developed good working relationships with numerous specialized law firms around the world, we and our affiliate lawyers can provide highly specialized legal services, when needed, to meet the needs of your company in whatever country you may need assistance.

Many Victories

Domain Dispute Victories

We have achieved many, many victories for our clients. Upon request we will be happy to discuss some of our domain name dispute and litigation success stories. We list a few [here].


Forefront of Developments

experienceNumerous professional affiliations and memberships ensure that our expertise is consistently on the cutting edge.

Numerous conferences are attended during each year in order to ensure that we are knowledgeable about the most recent decisions and developments in domain name law, trademark laws and relevant regulations.

Up to Date

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we ensure that we stay abreast of new domain name dispute and other trademark and copyright issues.

State of Art Trademark Searches

Our attorneys can provide you with state of the art searches for domain names and other trademark and copyright issues. [more]

Respected Experts

The principal lawyer of the firm is in the forefront of domain name and trademark developments. He has been an outspoken "crusader" for the "little guy". As the United States Congress has been examining domain name and trademark issues on the Internet, he was honored by being asked to give a presentation on Capitol Hill before a conference of the Small Business Subcommittee of the U. S. House of Representatives. He has also been honored by being appointed as a member of a United Nations Task Force developing Internet regulatory policies.

Recognized Trademark Expertise

The principal attorney of the firm is recognized as an expert among trademark attorneys. He is a frequent lecturer at conferences around the world. He has been introduced as “one of the top two or three lawyers in the world” specializing in Internet domain name issues. He was asked to give a presentation to the annual conference of the prestigious American Intellectual Property Law Association about domain name law and Internet legal developments.

Our Location

Near Courts in Which Most Domain Name Disputes Are Litigated

Our principal attorney practices in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia - which is the court in which the vast majority of domain name disputes are litigated. It is the court with jurisdiction over Network Solutions, authority over the principal registry of the most common domain name extensions and it is the jurisdiction in which the U.S. Office of Patent and Trademarks is located. The court is often called "The Rocket Docket" because it utilizes expeditious and efficient procedures for handling litigation.

Based in Washington, DC Washington DC

Since many of the laws and policy decisions affecting domain names and domain name rights are being made in Washington, DC, the location provides accessibility to decision-makers, agencies, conferences, working groups and other specialized attorneys. We are in close contact with the legal changes and developments that affect you and your legal situation.

Close proximity to the principal registry of the Internet, Network Solutions and Verisign –

In the event that it may be necessary to obtain injunctions or court decisions to require the principal registry, Network Solutions, Inc. or Verisign to transfer domain names, we can quickly achieve your objectives. We also have excellent communication contacts within key agencies, companies and organizations so that we can deal with your issues quickly and efficiently.