Someone Have Your Domain?

If someone owns a domain name that is infringing on your business name or product name, we can utilize legal strategies and procedures that have proven successful.   

cybersquattingWe can send a “cease and desist” letter as a first step in the protection of your rights. This legal communication notifies the infringing party that they may be infringing on your trademark rights and demands that they immediately cease the infringing activity.

If the initial cease and desist letter does not accomplish the objective of causing the infringing party to discontinue the infringement, then a threat of a UDRP action or a trademark lawsuit in a federal court may be the next step. Alternative strategies will be discussed with you to evaluate the best way of proceeding in your specific situation.

We can initiate a UDRP action very quickly. The proceedings are then typically concluded within three months. We are very familiar with the procedures, the tactics and the strategies that have proven to be successful. We will fight hard for you!