Investments in Domain Names

buying domain namesInvestments in domain names can be an extraordinary opportunity. The prices of domain names have risen extraordinarily over the past few years. It has been said that no other investment in the history of mankind has grown in value as much and as quickly as domain names.

How Domain Name Lawyers Can Assist with Investment Transactions

Domain Name Lawyers brings together domain name owners, investors, development teams, buyers and sellers. We can assist you in structuring business arrangements, preparing agreements, formulating strategies for generating income and/or traffic for existing domain portfolios and developing your domain name portfolio to increase its value. Domain Name Lawyers assists both sellers and purchasers of domain names and domain name portfolios. In addition, we can assist you in creating agreements, in generating income for an existing portfolio and in maximizing the value of your portfolio. Choose Domain Name Lawyers to be part of your Internet team.

Outstanding Opportunityselling domain names

For Investors -

We have a variety of strategies for investors to make investments in the ownership of domains and/or development of domain names into profitable websites. We can structure large payouts immediately, payouts over time, continued investment in one or more domain names, leasing arrangements and more. We help investors find just the right domain name portfolio investment, depending on your investment goals. More about Domain Development

For Domain Owners –

We can structure transactions and entities to achieve your objectives – whether you want a payout immediately, funding for the development of your domain names, payouts over time, continued investment in one or more domain names, leasing arrangements and more. Domain Name Lawyers can also assist you in maximizing your revenue and value of your domain name portfolio. Domain Name Lawyers can discuss with you numerous proven methods and strategies for maximizing your portfolio, Consult a Domain Name Lawyer and tell us your short and long term plans. We will help you determine what financial arrangements work best for you.

Purchasing Domains

If you wish to purchase one or more domain names, an experienced domain name law attorney can assist you in preparing a contract that protects your future rights and ensures that the domain name is not subject to future allegations of trademark infringement.  There are a number of risks that can be minimized by utilizing a solid, proven transfer agreement tailored to your specific situation.

Selling Domains

If you own valuable domain names and are considering the sale of one domain name or an entire portfolio,  you may need an attorney well- versed in domain name law. An experienced attorney can provide resources for assessing the value of your domain name portfolio and for assisting with negotiations. Often substantial sums of money are involved in these types of transactions.  There are numerous risks that can be avoided with experienced legal advice.

Investing in Domain Name Development

investing in domain namesThere is currently extraordinary opportunity in domain name and website development ventures. We can connect investors with outstanding investment opportunities and/or structure the investment to meet the specific needs of specific investors.

Domain Name Development and Website Development

We can assist with financing and team-building for domain development.  We have excellent contacts with numerous financiers, website designers, search engine optimizers, and other experts who can provide invaluable assistance with the development and monetization of domain names and their websites.