Domain Rights - Business Critical

Your rights to use a specific domain name associated with the brands you built with your company’s reputation are business critical. dot com

Domain Name Lawyers can help you protect and defend these rights whether they involve loss of a domain name by fraud, improper use of a trademark or another type of domain name dispute.

The threat may be handled with a forceful response to the cease-and-desist letter by Domain Name Lawyers on your behalf.  Read more about Domain Name Disputes

Internet Intellectual Property

Domain Name Lawyers specializes in intellectual property and more specifically, Internet intellectual property.

Domain names fit into the category of intellectual property because a domain name may incorporate one or more trademarked symbols and words. Your company and product names should be trademarked for company and product symbols. These valuable trademarks are the identification for your products or services. 

dot comsTrademarks should always be vigorously protected.  Furthermore, trademarks can provide priority rights to domain names that contain the trademarked words. Read more about Trademarks